The Competition 2013

During the fall semester, students compete on behalf of their residence hall to reduce energy use by at least 10% compared to the same month in previous years. In doing so, Kill-A-Watt raises awareness about energy, environment, and sustainability.

Starting on October 16th, 2013 and continuing for one month, students will work together to reduce their collective energy consumption. The competition will start that day with a light-bulb exchange in each participating hall. Students will exchange their incandescent light bulbs for energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs in lobbies of participating halls.

1. Halls that achieve a 10% reduction over the month (Oct 16-Nov 27) are granted bragging rights as Kill-A-Watt Energy Saving Winners! The hall with the most savings will claim the KAW trophy and enjoy a victory party! This award is available to halls that are being monitored (see below).
2. Students in any hall can win $50-100 prizes! Create a video or write a paragraph describing how you personally saved energy (i.e., on an individual basis), by answering the question “What did you do in the dark?” Submit your video or paragraph to our Facebook page.
3. Students in any hall can earn Enthusiasm Points, and the hall with the most cumulative points at the end of the competition wins the Kill-A-Watt Enthusiasm Award along with other prizes.


Energy Monitored Halls in Kill-A-Watt 2013:
North Quad    Alice Lloyd         Helen Newberry   Bursley
East Quad     Couzens            Bestsy Barbour    Mary Markley
West Quad    Mosher-Jordan   Martha Cook     Stockwell

If you live in a residence hall whose energy is not being monitored this year, you can STILL win the Kill-A-Watt Enthusiasm Award for participating in our events or individual cash prizes (see above)!