The Big Deal


The energy used to power our computers, our lights, air conditioners, and heat the water we use to shower – all the electricity that you use – is generated by coal-fired power plants. Unfortunately, this method of energy generation is highly unsustainable, causing environmental contamination, associated human health issues, and contributing in large part to climate change – patterns of increased incidence of extreme weather events and a rise in average temperatures that is one of the most serious challenges in preparing for the arrival of future generations.

Direct energy use by households accounts for 38% of overall US CO2 emissions, or 626 million metric tons of carbon (MtC) in 2005. This is approximately 8% of global emissions, and by itself larger than emissions of any country except China. By changing our behaviors and reducing energy use in our dormitories and our homes, we can quickly and efficiently reduce our contribution to climate change.

So whether you’re in your dorm today, at home next week, or on vacation in 20 years, always conserve energy if its produced this way, or look into purchasing energy that is renewably sourced. Together, we can save money, and save the planet.