About Kill-A-Watt

Kill-a-Watt at the University of Michigan is modeled after a successful program of the same name at the University of Central Florida. Founded in November 2010, we are a student organization that organizes and implements the Kill-A-Watt competition each fall semester in collaboration with University Housing and the Planet Blue Student Ambassadors Program. We also participate in events around campus and hold speakers throughout the year.  If you would like to get involved, contact us! We like new ideas.

Kill-A-Watt’s mission is to involve students in energy, environmental, and sustainability issues and start discussions on these topics while reducing energy use for its environmental and financial benefit.  We hope to convey the relevance of sustainability to all students regardless of their interest in environmental issues, as well as make energy use more visible to those on the U-M campus and unify the environmental movement at the university.

Planet Blue Student Ambassador Program
Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute
Student Sustainability Initiative
University Housing
Residence Halls Association
Central Student Government
LSA Student Government
Program in the Environment
Office of Campus Sustainability
Planet Blue Operations Teams

We would like to extend our gratitude to the wonderful people in these organizations who have donated their time and/or funds to our cause.  We work closely with ResStaff and Planet Blue Ambassadors to get the word out to residents.  Thank you for your help!